Is the circumference of the Paschgraben Wetlands in the East of Recklinghausen

Meadows, fruit trees, hedges on an area of ​​15,000 square meters, of course, extends the creek in its own way - this is the wetlands of Bashgraben in the east of Recklinghausen. A real poet, often used by pedestrians with and without dogs, hikers and cyclists. Information boards on trees, hedges, etc. are used for on-site environmental education. The best part: The apple orchards can be chosen by the citizens.

Nothing reminds us of the old picture of the early 1990s. At that time, Paschgraben was still a trench for drainage in the mining industry surrounded by concrete in addition to the vast terrain surrounding it was filled with aggregates. This shift was made possible by involving citizens who wanted to see the planned rainwater catchment basins developed in a natural way. On 4 July 1988, the Association "Förderkreis Feuchtbiotop Paschgraben Recklinghausen e V.", which is still taking care of the region. At the end of December 1993, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for about a year and a half of the natural design of the Pachgraben. At the end of May 1995, the area was opened. For this project, the Society received the Wilhelm Drosher Prize (1995), the Climate Protection Award from RWE Weser Ems (2004 and 2013) and the Recklinghäuser Agenda (2014) Award. The site - a secondary biotope - today features a wide diversity of species in plants and animals.

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Park Area: 15000.00 SQM

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