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Località Gattaro, 4, 25041 Boario Terme BS, Italy

Every Day : 09:00 am To 05:30 pm .

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    Back to the Past in Archeopark

    This is possible in Archeopark, not only through imagination but also through a series of sensual, visual and manual experiences, in a natural environment and rework, on a scientific basis, to a unique proposition in the world.

    At Archeopark, you can restore the Atafitian need to identify, retrieve, and understand your path to becoming what you are.

    Explore a cave such as that, more than 10,000 years ago, a man drew the forms of animals he hunted; to observe how the Mesoletic Bedouin, between 10,000 and 7,000 years ago, organized their own shock boxes; stopped followed by a herd of goats on a farm NEOLITHIC Use farm tools such as shovel or sickle.

    You can stay in the large VILLA PALAFITTICOLO huts, like the villages of 4000 years ago, over the lake where you can row through water boats and marsh bogs with berguj birds. You can climb the hill to conquer CASTELLIERE, a fortified village like 3000 years ago, and stay on a nice plateau crowned with trees; enter VILLAGGIO DEGLI ARTIGIANI with wooden houses similar to those of 2,500 years ago to observe some craftsmen working with ancient techniques.
    You will walk along a large maze also derived from rock inscriptions in the rocks of Luine, Capodiponte and Cimbergo.
    This great multi-faceted theme is not just for the visit but for the experience ...

    ... all suitable for adults and children ... From the Archeopark, you can wander around Camuno territory where nature is queen and culture will be the spice for many memorable trips.

    All animals in the garden are registered, received and controlled regularly.

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    • Every Day
      09:00 am To 05:30 pm
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