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Parco Delle Fucine

Parco Delle Fucine

Vie ferrate di Casto, 25070 Casto BS, Italy

saturday, Sunday : 09:00 am To 06:00 pm . Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday : 09:00 am To 05:00 pm .

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    A gorgeous valley etched with streams and waterfalls

    With sloping rocks, Tibetan bridges, climbing walls, fitted tracks, zip lines and many hiking trails and mountain bikes for young and old. Visit us at the Càa dele Strèe information and refreshment center


    The rock garden and the fertile Euphrates were created in 2006 by the three children of Afif with the passion of the mountains who decide to promote the places where they grew up and played as children. The process of redeveloping this ecological treasure also goes through the narration of human history, with its variability and extraordinary ability to adapt, which are transmitted to new generations through the historical path known as

    Casto lands evolved as a group of rocks and houses for those who devoted themselves to the work of iron, so that in 1600 there were already 35 concentrated workshops in the municipality of Casto and in the valley of Hala. The energy source at the time was water, which accumulates and regulates correctly and wisely, and launches the movement on heavy hammers to hit the iron and make it possible to extract air to fuel coal from the rocks through a mechanism called tina de ora.

    Inside the park, you can see Poiat, a pile of wood has become a charcoal using a certain procedure. To make the air brighter, it was burned on fire with very special measures. The water is directed to a vertical tube attached to a rock vessel called Tina de l'Ora, a pressure created by water falling on a circular stone (called formagella) He was forced out of Tina de Laura and directed to the fire. The composite walls of both the rock and other structures are not made of cement, but are made of lime and stone. Inside the garden, it is possible to see one of the old lime. The kalashira has a narrow cylindrical shape that is no longer than the adult man and is divided into two parts. At the bottom, the smaller part, where the fire was extinguished, was the largest, the largest, full of stones, thanks to the heat of the fire in which the stones collapsed into dust, which is mixed with sand and water. Cement. It is therefore clear that water has been the main source of development for the Region.

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