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Parco Sandro Pertini

Parco Sandro Pertini

41100 Modena, Province of Modena, Italy

Every Day : 24 Hours .

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    One of Modena's gardens

    The park, as it was always known by the Moudeniz, is a fairly narrow green space in the sense of the browser, but it has been longitudinally developed to "wrap" the southern and southeast sides of the historic city. His perception of murder came from walls. In 1911 the walls of Largo Garibaldi were demolished to Fort San Pietro, and now Rotunda from the Monument of the Fall, built a means, today V.le Martieri della Libertà. In 1913, it was decided to stop the area that remained free east of Viale by restoring it to the "gentle park" which deprived the city of it after the demolition of the walls. In December 1918 its work was resumed. The demolition ceased during the war and in 1919 - 1920, the walls were demolished between Bordeaux San Pietro and Porta San Francesco and between Porta Francesco and Porta S. Agustino. The administration decided that the vast area resulting from the demolition had been settled in a continuation of the park already built. The new park, Parco della Rimembranza, was opened on May 24, 1923, the area extending from Fort S. Pietro to Porta S. Francesco, dedicated to the memory of the 960 people who fell in Modena commune in the Great War also by sowing all seedlings symbolizing a man He fell. On May 5, 2000 the neighboring park, which runs from the Storchi Theater until the Rotunda of the Fall Monument is still below the denomination, has been named after the President of the Republic Sandro Bertini. Today Park is a green system that performs important urban and environmental filtering between the historic city and the first ocean. The hallmark is the presence of many trees with nearly a century of life, some of which are certainly among the most beautiful and most important green of the city. In this regard, the Querce trees along the Reiter viale and Storchi Theater, Ippocastani must certainly be mentioned in the monument area, and Frassini at the height of the former police headquarters.

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