Parco Regionale del Lago Trasimeno


Regional park in a 32,618-acre lake basin

Lake and mountain landscapes with appropriate anthropological activities and together with the inevitable stop of migratory birds It is an unambiguous historical landscape reproduced in the tables of many of the main painters of the fifteenth century. Maintaining its delicate hydrological and biological balance has always forced human intervention, which is still necessary today, to save the resource. It includes three islands: the Bolivian Island, which is used as an environmental education center and home to an important sailing school; Maggiore Island, where there is a beautiful fishing village dating back to 1400 and the private island of Minore.

The Park is a tool to protect and promote Lake Trasimeno. The largest in the Italian peninsula, with a surface of 128 km / p, is slightly lower than Lake Como.
In addition to the extension of the water, the entire perimeter of the bank is included in the park, including the smaller and larger historical centers such as those in Castiglione del Lago and Passignano.

Historically, it was called "Perugia Lake", and this definition makes us understand the importance that the lake basin has always had and is fully in the northwest of Umbria and the territory of Tuscan Chiana.
The maximum number of visitors is in the summer months for tourist and recreational purposes. On this occasion, tourism is fed on Sunday by foreigners, residents of most of Perugia province, and the municipalities of Tuscany Chiana to Arezzo. On these occasions, the number of visitors was estimated at 30,000 units in addition to residents of the surrounding urban structure. The addition of these data to those recurrent to the crisis level and amount of water of trasimino caused by annual rainfall below the regional average, the lack of real tributaries of the watershed area extends to just over twice the surface of the lake, and jumps in all evidence as is necessary defense Trasimeno from constant and disproportionate human pressures, from production activities with high consumption of water, and how it is necessary to get rid of each polluted source of a body of water extending on the surface, but from a depth of 3 to 6 meters.

Lake Trasimeno has all the characteristics of a large natural resource that must be heavily protected and must be promoted for compatible uses to maintain. Despite the thousands of difficulties, the inhabitants of Trasimeno and the Umbrian communities all know how to protect their water-still waters, whose valleys and islands are integral regional areas, and thus a mirror of the past millennium and a gift for finding a new relationship between man and his habitat.

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