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Parco Naturale (momentaneamente chiuso)

Parco Naturale (momentaneamente chiuso)

Via C. Forlanini, 48015 Cervia RA, Italy

About Park

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    It is a green oasis inside the Millennium Pine Forest

    After the aerial century on July 10, the Natural Park was temporarily closed under the mayor's order, due to restoration work. Follow us on Facebook pages for updates on the next reopening!

    The Natural Park is a 32-hectare green oasis inside the Milano Marittima Millennium Pine Forest, where you can spend a day outdoors by contacting farm animals.
    It is a protected natural area: for this reason it is not allowed to light fires, pick fruit from inferior mushrooms, mushrooms, asparagus, smoke, removal or free animals, and enter by motorbike. Dogs are only allowed in the free entry and leash area.
    Inside the park are horses, donkeys, buffalo, goats, sheep, deer, deer, pigs, rabbits and other small mammals.

    In addition, for several years there has been an educational zone "on the old farm," a fence from which you can communicate with animals, feed them and discover their characteristics and habits. You can enter on your own or through guided tours. Hugging goats and other animals will be a great experience for little kids!

    Natural Park offers many trails and shaded areas where you can relax, stroll and stroll in the equipped area. There is also a refreshing area, and Binario 9 enjoy bar to enjoy a coffee or snack.

    If you want instead to experience the excitement of flying among the pine trees, we recommend our Adventure Park, CerviAvventura, a range of suspended paths between the trees, at different heights, to engage adults and children.

    Important Information

    • Park Area
      320000.00 SQM
  • Intertainment Elements



    Sitting places



    Kids area


    Stadium : Stadio dei Pini Germano Todoli

  • Main Elements

    • Cleanliness
    • Lights
    • Parking and public transport
    • Green areas
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    • Open paths for walking