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Parco Monte Orlando

Parco Monte Orlando

04024 Gaeta, Province of Latina, Italy

Every Day : 08:00 am To 06:00 pm .

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    One of the big gardens in a Latina city

    Monte Orlando Circular Quay runs to the Blue Gita Bay and ends with a charming cliff overlooking the sea. It represents the extreme branch towards the sea of ​​the Monte Aurunci series. It has located its location, very close to the sea, and still determines the climatic characteristics that favor certain plant bindings. This context, listed in the blossoming of the Mediterranean scrub that surrounds the entire hill, offers many opportunities to visit every season of the year. From a geological point of view, meteorological and marine erosion caused caves, cavities and cracks such as "Montagna Spaccata", "La Grotta del Turco" and characteristic cliffs overlooking the sea. From a historical point of view, the Pope and Emperors regarded the Gita region as a safe haven in times of distress. Over the centuries, many military construction work was born, such as fences, powder magazines, ammunition depots and shooting pitches. Today the evidence within the garden is clearly visible from these works as of the numerous archaeological remains of the Roman period, including the mausoleum of Lucius Munatius Plancus perfectly preserved. In the stretch of the sea in front of the cliffs, you can dive underwater with admiration for the many species that live on the seabed. Natural area, included in the urban fabric of the municipality of Gita.

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    • Every Day
      08:00 am To 06:00 pm
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