A very popular excursion destination for sun-hungry and sun-bathed Karlstad residents

The park is well-stocked with flowering splendor during spring and summer.

This extremely well-visited park is located both centrally and near the Karlstad Theater. During the summer, the park with its beautiful location next to the Klarälven is an arena for some of the city's outdoor events and on warm days the grassy areas are filled with sunbathing Karlstad residents.

Floral and beautiful greenery
The greenery of the theater park surrounds Axel Andeberg's magnificent theater building. Here you can enjoy magnolias, beautiful trees and flowerbeds. In front of the theater is the sculpture "The residence of the winds".

In the spring, a sea of ​​130,000 bulbs bloom in the park. Crocuses, spring stars, narcissus and pearl hyacinths meet when the magnolias bloom on bare twigs.

Every Day :

24 Hours

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Rest area

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