Væksthusene i Botanisk Have


You can explore educational stories about plants and flowers

In greenhouses, you can explore educational stories about plants and flowers and get an insight into how humans have influenced nature and our use of it before.

In the tropical home, turbulent wet heat, fluttering butterflies and sounds of vibrant animals greet you. Here you feel very far from the sky. Under the huge dome, you can sneak up on narrow paths, almost lost between large trees and wild flora. But be careful where to go! Some carnivorous plants. If you are brave, you can get directly above the tree and see many of it on trees, plants and flowers under your feet.

The little man "Spire Ib" helps the youngest in the family explore the tracks of animals and plants.

Remember to bring your mobile phone when you visit greenhouses. You can now download Greenhouse's new botanical guide with stories about plants from homes. The factory guide should meet the increasing demand from visitors who wish to have good information and stories about plants.

The Plant Guide is part of a larger application called Useeum. There are about 150 plants in the factory manual at the moment, but there are ongoing stories. The English version is also on the steps. You can find the Plant Directory by searching for Useeum in the App Store or Google Play.

Outside the botanical gardens, you can try typical Danish landscape types such as health and beach and at the same time be an inspiration to enjoy the "right" nature of Aarhus.

At Greenhouse Café, a beautiful oasis, green slot opening is created in the city center, where you can enjoy light lunches and delicious cakes.

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