It is one of the largest parks in Aarhus

It is a public park in Hassel in the region of Aarhus V, northwest of Aarhus, Denmark. The park is located in the west of the Herredsvang district along the Fjellevænget Busvej Street to the south and the Brendstrup Forest to the west. Marienlyst Park is one of the largest parks in Aarhus and features both meadows and artificial forest hills. Facilities include a coliseum, football pitches, 6-hole golf courses, and a golf course. Marienlyst Park was created in connection with Western Hasle development in the 1970s and today forms part of a green corridor that runs from Vestereng to Brabrand Lake. The park is owned by Aarhus and managed by the Department of Environment and Environment (Nature and Environment). Marienlyst Park can be hired for public events.

The largest areas in Marienlyst Park are landscaped and managed, such as lawn meadows and soccer fields, but there are some areas that are deliberately left to grow wildlife. Artificial hills of excess soil were created from construction projects and now left to grow as small managed forests. The park includes two remarkable paths at an altitude of 1500 and 3000 meters. In addition, Marienlyst Golf Club maintains a short 6-hole golf course, which can be accessed through an introductory course at the club.

In 1988, Aarhus City Council enacted the "Aarhus forested" plan, which defines the master plan for green spaces in the city. The basic premise is that neighborhoods and areas should be separated by green areas such as parks or forests. Marienlyst Park was created earlier as a neighborhood park but the result of subsequent municipal policy was that the park today is part of a larger network of recreational spaces. The neighboring Brendstrup Forest is one of many new forests and natural areas established since the 1990s. It is thus possible to walk from Westring on the Marinlist park to Brendstrup Forest and to Hassel Hills and the Gillrup Forest, to end up on Lake Braberran, west of Aarhus. East Marienlyst Park is located in the Mollerup Forest and Egå Engsø, although they are not directly connected.

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