Marselisborg Mindepark


It is a memorial park and recreational area in Aarhus

The Park was launched in 1925 by King Christian X and was originally designed to accommodate large congregations of visiting Danish citizens abroad. This role soon vanished and disappeared, as the annual gatherings in Rebild gained momentum.

In 1934, a large limestone monument, engraved with the names and celebration of 4,140 Danes who died in World War I, was built. Designed by the Danish architect Axel Eckberg and the Danish sculptor Axel Poulsen, they choose limestone from the city of Yeovil in Meuse, France, a major battlefield in World War I. The memorial site is still in actual use until November 11th, and it is an annual celebration held here in memory of the dead.

In 2012, a stone was built for Danish soldiers stationed abroad in the park.

The monument is surrounded by a large park and garden area, used for all types of gatherings, events and leisure activities by the citizens of Aarhus. The garden offers panoramic views across Aarhus Bay. The memorial gardens were extended in 1939 and again in 1944, and now includes various sections with their own characteristics. At the corner of the park is Træsamlingen (The Tree Collection), a botanical group of different tree species and near the Rømerhaven (The Rømer Garden), a carved garden and flowers with a bend of vegetation.

In the south of Mendebarken are Dönbück Houses, which were built in 1828 and 1850. They previously served as maids to Baron Marcelsburg Manor, and also forest workers lived in the Marseillesburg forests at some point. The old Marselisborg Manor is located where Marcelisborg Gymnasium is now, but it caught fire several times in the early twentieth century and ceased to exist. Thus, Donbæk's homes are not related to Marselisborg Palace, which is a common misconception.

Every Day :

24 Hours

Foundation Date: 1/1/1925

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