Schweizer Garten


Picturesque parkland featuring multiple sculptures

Maria Josefa Park was built in 1903/1904 near the Southern Railway Station, between the newly constructed armory and the old Belvedere Palace. It covers an area of ​​11.4 hectares and has been redesigned on many occasions; today the road passes through it. In the past days this has been a rail yard, and today the park is geared towards visitors due to the amazing differences in height. To this day, the remains of the wall demolished can be seen expanding the city's neighborhoods and the ring road. In keeping with today's fashion, the park is positioned as an English landscape garden with streams and ponds, a rose garden, a restaurant and an outdoor outdoor pool for children.

After the end of World War I, Maria Josefa Park was renamed Schweizergarten. In addition to other artworks distributed throughout the park, there is an installation of the famous Scottish artist Ian Hamilton Finlay near the 20er Haus Museum, the former Museum of Modern Art.

Every Day :

24 Hours

Park Area: 165000.00 SQM

Intertainment Elements


Sitting places


Kids area

Multipurpose sports courts

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