Forstbotanisk Have


The trees form a type of upper floor

In addition to what has been cultivated over time, it also contains many oak and majestic beech trees and the ancient ones before the construction of the garden. The trees form a kind of upstairs in the garden and contribute to the wonderful and wonderful character of Forsten.
An urban trip destination

First Botanical Garden is not far from the city where you can easily jump in sneakers or hiking and starting shoes. The park is located in the south of Aarhus, in the hide of Marcelsburg Castle, Castle Park and Memorial Park, which are an ideal place to visit in the region. People in urban and nature areas can have a great experience in some special and different natural areas. Here you can take a map and read more about what awaits you when you go on a tour of the first botanical garden in Aarhus.

Every Day :

24 Hours

Foundation Date: 1/1/1923

Intertainment Elements


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