Lucavsalas atpūtas parks


A popular place to entertain

Lucavsala Leisure Park brings together children, active lifestyle lovers and Riga residents who want to go nature, while staying close to the city center.

Swimming pool

The pool is well equipped with changing cabins. The beach itself is designed to be safe for children and adults. It overlooks Zaķusala opposite Lucavsala, and the scenery sometimes makes you forget that you are almost in the center of Riga. There is a bank in the middle of the river where you can go safely. There is also a volleyball court next to the pool.


The children's playground contains everything that would please the little ones - jumping, sliding, climbing, sneaking and playing in the playground. Additionally, children can find new friends there, as there is usually no child on the playground.


Wakepark Park is located on the right bank of the Lucavsala River in Daugava, opposite the TV center. Linear cable board system is 230 meters long. There are currently two kayaks in the skateboard park, one of which is a 3-meter kickboard, which is especially useful for rally tricks and back. There is also a 19m training slide and an 18m slide for more experienced cyclists.

There is also a beautiful café where fun parties are held on the weekend and in the open-air cinema.

Every Day :

24 Hours

Intertainment Elements


Sitting places



Kids area

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