Butterfly Garden in Dubai Iconic

The Butterfly Garden in Dubai is one of the most famous landmarks in this magnificent city, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, which has become one of the world capitals that is similar to the European and foreign cities in its beauty and splendor with its interest in all sectors, technological, heritage, industrial or natural. The sights that tourists and visitors are looking for as reflected by the beauty and we will be here about one of these landmarks is the butterfly garden in Dubai.

The garden has a cafe that provides guests with a visitor's service. There are also shops that offer souvenirs and gifts related to the place and are inspired by the natural elements such as butterflies, pictures, aquariums and flowers. There is also a place to feed the butterflies, which the visitor can see to learn more about the nature of the butterfly and its life cycle,

Every Day :

09:00 am To 05:30 am

Price :

Person : 50.00 drhm

Park Area: 4400.00 SQM

Foundation Date: 24/3/2015

Intertainment Elements


Sitting places




Kids area

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