is Stockport’s oldest public park lying just to the east of the town centre

Vernon Park

Stockport's historic Vernon Park received a £1.6 million Heritage Lottery Fund grant to give it new life and restore the Park to its former Victorian and Edwardian splendour.

 It’s an exceptional Victorian/Edwardian asset to both the local community and the North West region.

The park is well used by schools for historical and environmental studies. It provides unique areas for traditional pastimes such as crown green bowls and with beautifully restored areas of formal and informal parkland.

The site also boasts a mature woodland along the river terraces which is being sensitively managed whilst maintaining public access.

Once known as 'Pinch Belly Park' or the 'People’s Park', Vernon Park was built by Stockport Corporation on land donated by George John Warren (Lord Vernon). It was an instant success with mill workers helping to construct park features.

Foundation Date: 20/9/1858

Intertainment Elements


Sitting places


Kids area

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