into a much valued and well-used community green space

Regeneration of Haughton Green Playing Fields
The sports field for many years was a rather bleak open space dogged with vandalism and other anti social behaviour, surrounded by houses in the centre of a large estate it was nevertheless a valuable green site for the all the residents who were keen to see the site improved.

Haughton Green Community Forum in partnership with Tameside MBC and Groundwork Tameside began to put together a plan for improving the playing fields based on the ideas and the needs of the local residents.

photo of Haughton Green This area underwent major refurbishment in 2004, following consultation with users of the playground.

The site of approximately 1.2ha, together with the adjacent football fields has been transformed from a bland open area with few facilities 

Intertainment Elements

Sitting places

Kids area

Multipurpose sports courts

- Football pitches - Bowling green

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