is a public park

Dukinfield Park is a public park to the east of King Street bounded by Cecil Street to the north, Pickford Lane to the south and Grenville Street to the east. There were open fields in 1848 with a smithy, pond and police station along Pickford Lane. The site slopes steeply with a difference of 24 metres from east to west. The land was laid out with terraces and balustrades. The fountain was presented by Mrs Astley-Cheetham near the main entrance on King Street. A mast, full ship-rigged, was presented by Sir Arthur and Lady Nicholson.

The first sod of the new park was cut by Mrs Astley-Cheetham in 1899. The park was opened in 1902. The park was laid out by W Underwood and Brother of Dukinfield, under the direction of the Borough Surveyor, Mr S Hague, and cost £15,000.

Foundation Date: 1/1/1902

Intertainment Elements

Sitting places

Kids area

Multipurpose sports courts

- Basketball - Bowling Greens - Tennis Tarmac Courts

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