had a house and grounds

it is now a public park to the east of Park Road. There were open fields to the southern boundary, with Clarendon Road beyond. There is a railway along the north-eastern boundary, and a housing development off Lodge Lane to the north-west. The lodge is on Park Road. The site was originally part of the Newton Lodge estate, which was purchased by James Ashton in around 1620. The house is roughly in the centre of the site. There is a pleasure ground, with the site sloping down to a stream running through woods along the southern boundary. The site remains extant, and the path system has been greatly extended.

The site was offered to the Borough of Hyde by Eveline Mary and Amy Elizabeth Ashton, daughters of Charles James Ashton, in 1902.  A new art gallery replaced Newton Lodge in 1939. This was built with a donation of £6,000 given by Sir John Bayley.

Foundation Date: 21/5/2019

Intertainment Elements

Sitting places

- Bandstand : Hyde Park bandstand was officially opened on the 18th May 1922 and is now Grade II listed on the national “List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest”. The bandstand was originally surrounded by moveable glass partitions and played host to bands such as the Household Cavalry, Black Watch and local colliery bands. During the 1930’s the bandstand hosted two concerts every Sunday.

Kids area

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