a local nature reserve south of Birmingham city centre.

The park follows the River Cole Valley for four miles and crosses one of the few remaining fords in the city.

The Park contains wetlands, grasslands, woodland and heath, which all support a wealth of animal and plant life.

The park was named to honour the life and work of J.R.R. Tolkien who lived within its borders as a young child. Tolkien's childhood adventures in the park are said to have inspired some of his later works.

The park includes a number of sites:

Sarehole Mill
Moseley Bog
Scribers Lane
Trittiford Mill Pool
The Dingles
Chinn Brook Recreation Ground
Burbury Brickworks
The John Morris Jones Walk Way

Sarehole Mill is a Grade II listed water mill on the River Cole in the Shire Country Park. The Mill was restored in the 1960s and is now run as a museum.

Tolkien lived close to the mill at around the turn of century and said that he used the mill as a location in The Lord of the Rings, for the Mill at Hobbiton.

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