Ober- und Orankesee


The garden offers a pretty view of the lake

 There is a striking nearby water tower which is now a privately owned home. At weekends, you can call in for a drink at the bar that is open here. It is a good place for a glass of wine or beer after a long walk. Things are much busier at Orankesee, another lake that is separated from Obersee by a road. On the Internet, you will come across tips telling you not to dream of going there on hot days or during the holidays. It is unlikely that this will deter anyone, after all, the lakeside beach there offers beach volleyball courts, water slides, wicker beach chairs and clean water. And if you have a license, you can even fish from the shores of this lake with its many different species of fish. Apart from eel and bitterling, pike, roach, crucian carp, common carp, stickleback and pike-perch are all native to these waters. And by the way, if you want to swim in peace here, you should wait until winter. There’s not that much pushing and shoving at the legendary New Year’s Day swim hosted by the »Berliner Seehunde« swimming club.


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