Schlosspark Charlottenburg


More than 300 years of gardening

The Schlossgarten Charlottenburg is a multi-faceted scene of royal garden art that wants to snatch and inspire its visitors from the hustle and bustle of the capital. It was created in 1695 by the wise and cosmopolitan Elector Sophie Charlotte. She commissioned Siméon Godeau, a student of the famous Versailler court gardener André Le Nôtre, to create the most modern garden in the German-speaking area. From then on, she was able to travel on the waterway in magnificent pleasure yachts from the Berlin Palace to Charlottenburg to celebrate glittering festivals with music, dance and fireworks in the garden or philosophically walk through the garden with Leibniz along the precious flower splendor.

The French-style baroque complex soon underwent its first expansion, as Sophie Charlotte, the first queen in Prussia from 1701, had to expand her court. Frederick the Great cultivated the artistically staged installation, while his followers fashioned a landscape garden based on English models, which has been preserved to this day in large parts of the complex. After the destruction of the Second World War, the atmosphere of the former baroque garden was restored near the castle, restored the picturesque pictures of the landscape garden and created new areas for a contemporary use such as a children's playground.




saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday :

08:00 am To 09:00 pm

Thursday :

08:00 pm To 09:00 pm

Foundation Date: 1/1/1697

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