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Intertainment Elements
  • Track (97)

  • Sports (95)

  • Sitting places (98)

  • Kids area (1)

  • Private sports courts (1)

Main Elements
  • Cleanliness (98)

  • Lights (94)

  • Parking and public transport (1)

  • Green areas (95)

  • Open spaces (1)

  • Multiple seating areas (4)

  • Toilets (1)

Chatterley Whitfield Heritage Park

Hanley Park

Repington Rd

Bucknall Park

Trentham Lakes Play Area

Spring Park Alexandra

Whitfield Valley Nature Reserve

Waterside Dr

Fenton Park

Northwood Park Rd

Waterdale Grove

Glebedale Park

Shelton Park

Crestfield Road

Bathpool Park

Nash Peake St

Mount Pleasant

Trent Mill Nature Reserve

The Grange

Malstone Avenue

Meaford Drive

Bentilee Park

Bagnall Road Wood

Victoria Park

Greenway Bank Country Park

Ford Street

Knypersley Park

Lower Above Park

Well Street

Arbourfield Drive


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