News about the National Cedar Park

News about the National Cedar Park

News about the National Cedar Park

The National Park in Taif will no longer serve as an appropriate destination for leisure seekers and their families because of the neglect it has brought to a park of stray dogs, hyenas and snakes that has become a source of horror for the visitors to the park. According to citizens who spoke to "Mecca", the neglect of the Ministry of Agriculture on all the aesthetic aspects of the park, pointing out that the low municipal services in the park of water cycles and lack of water in which the situation is much worse, in addition to poor hygiene and tampering in children's playgrounds and broken and presented.

The park is deserted Saud al-Qurashi, a visitor to Taif, said that the park differed a lot from the situation 10 years ago and people no longer come to him. The place has become very desolate and frightening and lacks many services. He also visited his relatives in Taif from Sharqia. Attracts visitors and parents but regrets the deterioration. Hatem al-Sufayani said that Taif province has been characterized for years by the existence of natural parks, including Sisad Park, which is a large natural park with a unique geographical nature surrounded by trees and mountains from all sides, making it a desirable park for visitors. The Ministry of Agriculture did not fight the spread of snakes in the park, which has witnessed in the past two years cases of bites for the parkers, and dogs and hyenas are seen in the maze Gaza in particular in the evening and became a source of fear among many, prompting people to forsake park.

Great ambitions For his part, Eng. Ruwaid Basfar, one of the park's supervisors when it was established about 15 years ago, said that the Ministry of Agriculture represented in the Department of Parks expressed its desire to revive the park will be opened and opened to the citizens to become a park for the people of Taif and Zairieh for proximity to the city of Taif. After that, neglect and disconnection began from the park land in favor of Taif University and other government departments, which stopped the efforts to complete and equip the park to be the best natural parks at the local level, where the ideas and ambitions were great among the project owners. B Africa is an open zoo with all animals and has a special system for hiking by private cars, as well as investment of the dam of Muawiya bin Sufian historic site, pointing out that the development of the park is not only open the private sector to invest and operate the ministry will not be able to supervise the Park in this vast area.

Meeting aspirations In turn, the director of agriculture branch in Taif Engineer Hamoud al-Tuwairqi said that the development of the National Taif Park in Sisad Matrouh several years ago and issued instructions to cut part of it for the benefit of several government agencies to set up their facilities on those sites. The authorities identified these sites and delivered them. Rehabilitation and development of the park, including the knowledge of the parts to be developed in the rest of the park land. He pointed out that after evaluation of the park by the competent Department of the Ministry and the completion of designs will be the start of development work to show the park in the form that officials look forward to and meet the need of hikers and vacationers because the nature of the park helps to be a tourist attraction distinctive.



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