News about Al Muharraq Grand Park

News about Al Muharraq Grand Park

News about Al Muharraq Grand Park

The Minister of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning said that "municipalities" did not provide the required documents concerning the extensions and infrastructure related to the project of the Grand Muharraq Park when the bidding process related to the development of the park was made several years ago.

The Minister told the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday (5 January 2016), in response to a parliamentary question, that the contractor, who had already started work on the project according to one of the deputies, should have some documents related to land extensions, but that "was not done "With water lines, sewage and infrastructure under the garden.

The government official pledged that the ministry will develop the park itself after a legal settlement with the investor and reach a consensus on compensation after being referred to arbitration.

According to MP Ibrahim al-Hadi, the theme of the development of the Muharraq Grand Park continued for about ten years without finding a solution, pointing out that the park suffered from neglect to reach what it reached today.

He pointed out that two bidders were placed on a foreign investor and a local investor in two different times, but the project is going ahead as planned.

The minister pointed out that the two bidders (the latter were established in 2012) included the establishment of a hotel, offices, commercial facilities and lounges, which means creating traffic pressure on the vital street leading to Bahrain International Airport at a time when the only airport is undergoing a major expansion.

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