News about Zabeel Park

News about Zabeel Park

News about Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park is one of the parks in Dubai, which launches the concept of recreation and leisure held through the enjoyment of its facilities, not limited to a single recreational destination, but includes a lot of elements that pleases the self, Vtgli then all the turbidity and stress, It is important for self-recreation when walking between its folds and enjoying its beautiful facilities.

Zabeel Park is located in the Al-Kafaf area, close to the World Trade Center in the heart of Dubai's Zabeel area. The total area is 47 hectares, full of greenery and shades in a variety that adds beauty and splendor to the overall appearance of the site. It is divided into three sections (a), (b) and (c). These parts relate to each other through two suspension bridges for pedestrians and an internal train.

Zabeel Park is one of the most outstanding projects that the municipality of Dubai has achieved at a cost of AED 200 million, due to its unique location, components and unique elements. It is also a distinguished urban project. The park includes some of the new entertainment items that are unique to other parks in Dubai, Where the center of technology and sports, entertainment, the arena of celebrations, the solar system, and many diverse facilities, making them unique style and unique character.

Garden facilities

The park has seven main gates spread over three areas. The park's infrastructure is designed to be attractive and includes a wide range of facilities such as a celebration hall, solar system, a lakeside restaurant complex, an exhibition building, a cafeteria, a large lake, , A cricket court, an open theater, in addition to the main services of 7 entrances, 10 toilets and two bridges connecting the three parks. The park includes three sections: A BC. Each section is characterized by a variety of entertainment and services. Main, it is located in the heart Garden A, dedicated to outdoor activities, and a 2400-person runway with adequate nighttime lighting and an electric card connector that can accommodate all audio and visual equipment. This theater is usually dedicated to events organized by Dubai Municipality during the various festivals and festivals, as well as to investors wishing to host world theater or musical performances, as well as a changing room and a store.

Theater and play area

And the other part of the park, C, which is the open theater, which dates back to the official residence area for senior figures of the state. The theater was designed in a way that allows the hosting of weddings for the public, whether individual or collective, as well as hosting the heritage of traditional peoples of dances and songs And folkloric reviews.

The children's play area is located near Gate 1, and has a set of stationary games through which the child is introduced to a range of motor skills such as climbing, skiing, swinging, cross-channeling, sand playing and gyro. This area is for children under the age of 10 Years, shade, seating and lighting were also secured.

In the area of ​​climbing games in Area B, the visitor must be prepared for adventure, designed to satisfy the youth over 12 years in challenging their physical abilities and overcoming difficulties. The 11 games available in this region are distributed interactively with this age group. A young person or a group of young people can play individually or collectively and race to reach the end point as quickly as possible, bypassing all obstacles and obstacles in a safe manner. Therefore, this area is not allowed without the direct supervision of the parents. His gate Didier-like gates castles and floors covered with rubber, so that they are safe for children who play with them, and all games within the global wrought specifications for safety.

Restaurant Area

In this section of the park there are also A3 refreshment booths offering visitors refreshments and cold and fast meals, which are beautifully designed round buildings with an external wall of colored glass bricks. It provided a variety of cafes for visitors, as well as an internet service area. On the lake side is the main restaurant of the garden, which offers a variety of foods that satisfy the tastes of the public of all Arab, Chinese, Indian and European, as well as fresh juices and fast food, and divided the restaurant to two sections of the internal air-conditioned and the outside as a balcony from the inside, and both The two sections overlook the lake for visitors to enjoy the view of the lake while eating meals. The restaurant has two entrances, one by the lake and the other by Gate 6, where entry is through a ramp over water.

This section of the park is characterized by a closed and air conditioned hall of 200 square meters, connected to a large warehouse, 50 square meters, is a building surrounds the circular fountain near gate 3 and contains a booth, and walls in the form of oval parallel to the shape of the oval fountain and from Glass, and the rest of the wall and the roof is covered with aluminum pieces, and this exhibition is dedicated to the reception of art exhibitions, art and cultural all, in addition to scientific exhibitions specialized in the dissemination of knowledge or any other exhibitions related.

Sports facilities

Zabeel Park has a health club, which is a landmark of the future park. It is one of the private sector investment projects. The project offers a range of sports health services for both sexes from exercise to slimming and slimming programs to



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