News about Butterfly Park

News about Butterfly Park

News about Butterfly Park

The Butterfly Garden in Dubai is a new aesthetic iconic, more imaginative with its colorful colors and the charm of its details, the latest creations of Dubai, to become the twin of the flower garden. Every visitor to the Butterfly Garden is struck by surprise from the first moment in the garden, which attracted many visitors, on its first day, to know its ambiance and the stories and secrets it tells us butterflies through stories similar to fiction. The park is a new symphony of transparency, delicacy and color in Dubai. Ahmed Ali Hamouda, financial and administrative officer at Dubai Butterflies Park, spoke of the amazing reactions of children running behind the butterflies in the new park, which is open to visitors throughout the week from 10 am to 6 pm. Unlike the «Flower Garden», which opens its doors for a few months, it is an open garden where flowers are influenced by the weather and the public atmosphere. Hamouda said: "The butterfly garden has an internal environment equipped with the latest modern agricultural techniques that maintain constant degrees, and the atmosphere similar to the humidity and natural heat in which the butterflies live.



More than 15 thousand moths gathered from all over the world surrounded by colorful wings of the park, along with 120 kinds of roses and natural plants, which hide 26 species of unique butterflies out of 150 species, approved by the Ministry of Environment and Water, according to standards And conditions are compatible with the local environment. The Butterfly Garden is the largest of its kind, fully covered, which maintains a favorable temperature for butterflies and their growth throughout the year.





"We can not integrate all kinds of butterflies at once," said Abdul Nasser Yasin al-Rahal, director of Aqar Real Estate and Landscaping Services, who spoke to Emirates Today. "Butterfly behaviors differ from their natural environment, whether they are from Latin America or Africa, or Asia. For this reason, we carefully study their behavior and their adaptability to the new environment in terms of temperature adjustment or adaptive mechanisms, especially as butterflies are known for their high sensitivity to heat and require a long and careful effort throughout the day.





The origin of the story





"After the success of the Flower Garden, which is the largest of its kind in the world, attracts tourists, citizens and residents, and contributes to the establishment of new eco-tourism pillars based on nature, we have decided to establish an Emirati project," said Rahal. Unprecedented and non-cloned. The butterfly garden, the first and largest fully covered butterfly park in the world, is equipped with a special climate control system that sets the temperature at 24 degrees throughout the year, unlike other international parks such as the Malaysian or Canadian butterflies.





Over an area of ​​more than 2,600 square meters, the new park has been designed from the reception area to the special museum, which includes exceptional works of art, special paintings made of dried butterflies that are kept, and embellished to be themes for rare works of art. , Which is ridiculed by the owners to implement, and the value of these works to about $ 10 thousand, which is a palette of butterflies reveal the visitors of various secrets, and tells them stories in the form of humanitarian messages about the concept of life, and what this short trip embodied by the age of butterflies.





The visitor walks through this fascinating artistic space and takes steps towards the paths leading to the domes and the three butterflies' gardens, which were designed in an artistic manner based on circular geometric construction as a model that unites the natural spaces, with differences in arrangement of plants and flowers in each space, Small water tables, and covered areas similar to small balconies.





The outdoor garden is designed in the form of a large butterfly made of the finest types of flowers, which in turn formed the link between these spaces, designed in a circular way that makes visitors walk in the corridors through doors leading to each other.










Sara Sardaniana, the employee of the butterfly garden, was not worried when she was moved four years after working at the Flower Garden in Dubai to work in the butterflies garden, but this feeling quickly faded after undergoing an intensive week of training on how to deal with and care for butterflies. .





Sarah expressed her joy and enjoyment of the new natural atmosphere, especially as she watched with surprise visitors in front of the butterflies.





The ambiance is fantastic





The site is equipped with separate balconies set aside for visitors who wish to enjoy the experience close to hundreds of butterflies, where these places provided small tables with a variety of food for the butterflies scattered in the garden. "We have a team that has been trained to suit the environmental requirements of these butterflies, so that their growth and renewal are confirmed weekly, along with the process of caring for the larva until it becomes a cocoon and then a young butterfly. , In a rare experience and a fictional atmosphere accompanied by the public and school students and children ».





Surprise visitors





Visitors to the Butterfly Garden expressed their surprise at the beauty of "gentle, transparent and gentle objects", especially in a natural environment, and a spacious space that allows for the enjoyment of beauty and contemplation of the details of nature.





Mohsen Bak Raffan said that the most important feature of the butterfly garden in Dubai is the huge gathering of all these types of butterflies. He hoped that everyone would have the opportunity to see these charming creatures, while at the same time that the presence of a flower garden next to it is a call to



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