News about Al Ain Water Park

News about Al Ain Water Park

News about Al Ain Water Park

When the temperature rises, the need for escape from the summer heat increases, and the voices of family members rise and announce their desire for a watery stroll. They feel the pleasure of playing some games such as rowing with rubber boats, surfing, water skiing, "In the city of Al Ain, in response to the appeal of the family through its special offers, the garden offers a variety of packages of services with the highest standards of protection and care of visitors to the park.

Located in the Jebel Hafeet area of ​​Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the Adventure Valley Park is just 111 kilometers away from the Emirate of Fujairah, making it an attractive tourist destination not only for the residents of Al Ain but also for visitors from all over the UAE. The Adventure Valley Park is a haven for adventurers and lovers. Adult and young exciting games where you can enjoy a variety of water and aerobic activities such as rowing and solo rafting, windsurfing, water skiing, giant jogging, adventure rope, and other great games and services.

The Adventure Valley Park features its facilities and services for the whole family, including a toy and clothing store for all types of games, water sports and aerobics available in the garden. Visitors can buy or rent equipment from the garden shop and also have a range of restaurants and cafes offering the best The restaurant serves a healthy and fresh food with a beautiful view of Mount Hafeet. Tiki Hut serves light snacks and juices. In the Raffters Grill, visitors to the garden enjoy all kinds of grills, shawarma and desserts, Mango Mango Cafeteria offers all kinds of fresh juices and refreshing ice creams.

The park organizes many events and special events, such as corporate activities, family celebrations and birthdays, through the Center for Events, which has a spectacular view of Jebel Hafeet and the lakes and rivers surrounding it. The center hosts about 1000 people.

"The Valley of Adventure is a new landmark for Al Ain's many destinations and is in line with Abu Dhabi's vision of promoting the Emirate as a leading tourist destination," said Mike Wahba, Business Development Manager at Advent Valley Park. "We offer our visitors the pleasure of experience through a range of aquatic and aerobic games The visitor can choose the activity he wishes to practice, even if he has no experience with it, with the help of a dedicated team of professional trainers. In some cases, the visitor wants to develop his skills in one of these games. He will join a training program tailored to his needs. Wallach The Valley Park hosts 21 Olympic teams each year from around the world for individual rowing. The park organizes three times a year, the Adventure Valley Race, for 10 kilometers, for adults over 18 years. The last round of the race was organized with the participation of more than 1000 riders "He said.

The adventurous adventure in Adventure Valley Park begins with the introduction of the activities of the park. The visitor then selects his or her choices from the games they will enjoy. The player's performance level is evaluated and placed at the appropriate level. And before any activity, players should see a simplified explanation of how to play the games in a safe and correct manner, the player must also wear sportswear to help him move easily.

The park is open from Saturday to Thursday from 11 am to 8 pm, from 10 am to 8 pm on Saturday and Friday. The adult ticket is AED 50 and children have AED 25. The park offers a variety of packages for visitors including the adventure package, Swimming pool, kayaking for an hour and a half, aerobics, the adventure mountain and the giant hammock for AED 195. The most important activities of the park are "Ladies Night", starting from 6 to 10 pm, a monthly activity through which we provide Privacy for ladies, To enjoy the open beach and swimming pools, as well as hosting more than 20 companies that provide free beauty services for women, in addition to the availability of an open buffet, and allow the reception of children, and organize special events such as face painting, clown and other games, all for 100 dirhams For the night. It is noteworthy that the park organized this activity five times now, and the number of ladies in the first time 150 women, and doubled the number to 500 women on the fifth night.

"This is the first time I've visited the Adventure Valley Park, but it's not the first time I've been to Al Ain," says Peter Bell, a visitor from Australia. "I made sure to go to the Adventure Valley Park after hearing about it from one of my friends, On the visit I am a surfing enthusiast, and after my visit to the park, I can say that it was a fun day filled with excitement, and I am naturally adventurous. Also, from time to time I need to feel relaxed. It gives us that feeling.

Miles Conquist, accompanied by his friend Peter, also a visitor from Australia, talked about his garden experience: "I came to the park to practice my surfing hobby with my friend Peter, but I also enjoyed everything we had in the garden, We enjoyed a delicious meal from a garden restaurant with beautiful views of Mount Hafeet.


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