News about Al - Ain Paradise

News about Al - Ain Paradise

News about Al - Ain Paradise

The opening of Al Ain Plaza, the first of its kind in the world, is now being finalized as it has the largest number of "outstanding" vertical flower baskets, which has been nominated for the Guinness World Records. The number of hanging baskets in the park located in the area of ​​Zakhar in the eye 2800 baskets of different forms and types, to be placed "Eye Paradise" by the Guinness Book of London, according to its website, the list of standard events nominated for entry into the Encyclopedia. Judge Katrina Ann, one of the jury judges, decided to attend the opening ceremony of the park on March 20 to approve the entry of the global encyclopedia and to grant accreditation to the concerned authority.

On the idea of ​​the project and its objectives, Eng. Abdel Nasser Rahal, General Manager of Aqar Estate, the landscaping company in Al Ain Municipality, who designed and implemented the garden project, said that it comes within the framework of continuous initiatives launched by the Municipality of Al Ain to embody the attention of the supreme leadership in Abu Dhabi.

It has a promising tourist potential. The Director General of the company pointed to the great role played by the downtown sector in the municipality of Al Ain and headed by the Executive Director Eng. Mubarak Al-Khaili in completing this unique project since it was just an idea and even went into the light and became a reality.

The park occupies an area of ​​70,000 square meters, including corridors and internal walks of about 1,000 meters in length. The "Al-Amoudiyah" hanging baskets carry many different designs, each consisting of a group of layers ranging from one layer to 10 layers per basket. The park also features the world's largest 6-meter-high tower of flower baskets and 50 pyramids of flowers in different colors and varieties. Rahal added that the unique park also includes a mini-tower of the Eiffel tower, which is 12 meters high and equipped with a sophisticated lighting system to add more aesthetic touches to the new garden of its kind. He pointed out that the work in the garden was started in early December and it took about 90 continuous days . Al Ain Prides, the general manager of the company, explained that the water fountain, which extends for about 40 meters at an altitude of 250 cm, is designed in the form of a natural rock dam through which the water flows from top to bottom to take a circular course. The garden floor was divided and engineered with about one million different shapes and colors to cover the surfaces beneath the vertical flower baskets that can be changed and replaced from time to time throughout the year. He added that the design of the garden project was considered to include some aesthetic touches that reflect its value.

The entrance is designed in the shape of an arc of iron metal and glossy astanis at a height of 6 meters, with the name of the garden on the top and a set of hanging baskets. On the other side of the entrance, a beautiful painting, including a variety of hanging baskets, is designed in a new and innovative way, with a large picture of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, and a picture of HH General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and on his left is another picture of His Highness Sheikh Tahnoon bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, Ruler's Representative in the Eastern Province.

The Director General of the executing company that about 300 engineers, technicians and workers from various disciplines and occupations required by the process of implementation of the project have completed the standard garden, which includes more than 25 species of different flowers, originating in several countries such as America, Europe, Japan, Germany And Italy. Rahal added that delegations and representatives from 15 countries, international bodies and organizations were invited to attend the inauguration ceremony of this world park, as well as representatives of the news agencies and the media. He pointed out that a special website for the park, WWW.ALAIN PARADISE.COM, Of its kind entering the Guinness Book of Records.

The city of Al Ain, which was dubbed the city of the oases, was awarded the title of the second most beautiful cities of the world for two consecutive times, "Nations competition in prosperity" several years ago. The city has many parks, amusement parks, green spaces and other historic landmarks.

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