News about Cascades El Ourit

News about Cascades El Ourit

News about Cascades El Ourit

Residents of the city of Tlemcen and its environs in the far west of Algeria in the spring of 2009 held noisy celebrations celebrating the return of water to the five-tiered Oreit waterfall after 40 years. The populace came out of their hearts and intended the highlands by the thousands to enjoy the beautiful view that most of them do not know. The valley was completely dry due to the construction of the dam pulling all the water around the valley to a mere groove covered by the brush.

When heavy amounts of snow fell on the region, the valley and the waterfall returned with great force flowing under the Eiffel bridge built by Gustav Eiffel in Paris in the 19th century, when Algeria was a French colony. Especially for its beauty, natural importance and environmental and biological diversity. Two years later, the waters of the valley are still flowing like a snake in the pine forest and the Atlas rice that descends from the top of the mountain to the plains below it. These dense forests cover the Tlemcen natural enclosure on an area of ​​8,825 hectares.

The country's newest natural habitat, was established in 1993 to protect dozens of species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and hundreds of species of plants. On the occasion of the activities of (Tlemcen capital of Islamic culture), which was officially opened in the sixteenth of the current formed the waterfalls (Oreit) and the forest tracks stretching on dozens of kilometers one of the most important stations visited by guests ... It is a spectacular nature breaks the silence of the waterfall and sounds of animals and birds and shots of fishermen Sometimes legitimate.



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