News About Island Park

News About Island Park

News About Island Park

Island Park «Downtown Park» Discounted prices and fantastic views ..

"Al Jazeera Park" is an oasis under the Nile Palace Bridge, one of the cheapest and best places to visit for many Egyptians and Arabs from the middle and poor classes, overlooking the Nile directly. The price of the ticket is 5 pounds per person and offers a lot of services. Stretching to the May 15th bridge, so that you can absorb the pressure of visitors, especially in the summer.

He said that he came to enjoy a nice day in the garden with his relatives and will rent one of the boats for an hour in the Nile River. He pointed out that he came from the Republic of Iraq and used to visit this park, describing the people of Egypt as "hospitable and gourmet for humanitarian services and their stomachs as well as their simple living. . "The price of the ticket is up to 5 pounds per person, and there are many services including amusement parks for children, Nile boats and restaurants, as well as green spaces," said Ahmed Abdel Hadi, Atef Abdel Hamid "to expand and extend the park until the bridge of May 15, in order to accommodate the numbers of visitors, which increase significantly on summer holidays. "Ahmed said that visitors to the park from all layers of Egyptian society are medium-sized, and that there is a part of it on the other side of the Nile

He is grateful to his conservative government, which has always been keen

to provide more services.

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