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Parc de l'Aurence

Parc de l'Aurence

25 Rue du Mas Gigou, 87100 Limoges, France

About Park

  • Preview

    It is a well-appointed place, ideal for family outings

    At the main entrance of this huge forest park, an enclosed area is reserved for animals that seem to live perfectly with their captivity. They are indeed pampered and the visitors seem to be so familiar to them ... The dwarf goat of Senegal, the guinea fowl originating from Africa, the angora goat originating from Tibet, the rooster Limousin, the sheep Thônes and Marthod native of Savoy and Piedmont, come together for the greatest joy of the children. Small and large will spend a pleasant time, before venturing into the heart of the Parc de l'Aurence I. A playground for children, a seller of treats also give this park a very popular family aspect.


    Important Information

    • Park Area
      160000.00 SQM
  • Intertainment Elements

    Sitting places


    Kids area

    Small animal park

  • Main Elements

    • Parking and public transport
    • Green areas
    • Open paths for walking
    • Litter bins