Parc floral de la Roseraie


More than 6,000 new species have been planted in the park

The new park offers a multitude of scenes:
- a modern rose garden, where 400 varieties of roses are staged in large massifs according to their colors and associated with perennials to show visitors how they can evolve in their gardens.
- the table of greedy plants with enticing plants, where a large circular table exposes in its center a group of predominantly red plants. This staging invites the visitor to discover an imaginary banquet with flowers.
- The Belles de l'année, renewed every year, exhibits a labeled collection of annual and biennial plants. Thus the inhabitants can come to know or recognize the plants that they see in the massifs of the city.
- the labyrinth of grasses, consisting of 3 basins and valuable trees that have been preserved. The shrub layer is recomposed as a labyrinth. This fun principle allows a large linear walk to discover all the facets of the mountains that line the course.
- ephemeral gardens are renewed each year according to a chosen theme. Visitors can rediscover the park and the know-how of the gardeners of the city thanks to the 4 original gardens proposed from June 1 to October 15 and being part of the theme of the year.

Every Day :

07:45 am To 08:15 pm

Park Area: 30000.00 SQM

Intertainment Elements

Sitting places



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