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Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Square is one of the projects completed by the Supreme Commission for the Development of Riyadh City as part of its program to develop the historic Druze. It is one of the forms of coordination of the sites in a format suitable to the surrounding natural environment in the city. The field project included the restructuring of the rock components, adapting them to achieve maximum traffic safety requirements, while maintaining harmony and harmony between the natural site components and the environment of the surrounding area. The field covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters, a streamlined oval shape, containing rock formations, a range of palm trees and plants, in harmony with the natural environment of the shield. Surrounding the square is a road that helps traffic flow, moving to the historic area of ​​Deraiya, full of heritage and environmental facilities.

The flagpole, the most prominent component of the field, is the second highest flagpole in Saudi Arabia and the sixth highest in the world at a height of 100 meters. It is designed in a conical form of steel, with a diameter of two meters in the base, gradually decreasing to 60 Centimeter at the top. The mast holds a 30-meter flag, a display of up to 18 meters and a weight of 120 kg, made of polyester.

Every Day :

09:00 pm To 12:00 am

Park Area: 10000.00 SQM

Intertainment Elements



Sitting places




Kids area

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