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Hussainiya Park

Al Mashair, Mecca , Saudi Arabia

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    Husseiniya Park In the age of services and well-being, which is characterized by modern societies, it takes care of the construction of public parks and the creation of recreational places

    Al Hussainia Park In the age of services and prosperity characterized by modern societies, the work of establishing public parks and finding recreational places, activities and tourism programs take a large share of the attention of the municipalities especially in the big cities because of the cultural manifestations and natural spaces that provide the citizens of all segments with a healthy and recreational atmosphere, The presence of gardens and good in this community and progress until the attention to parks in particular and care and the space and the organization of the areas and organizations is a true measure of the development of cities to keep pace with the most important aspects of civilization that distinguish modern cities. There is no doubt that urbanized man has become known to the public gardens and places of entertainment innocent of the benefits of interest to the individual and society, which are evident in the presence of the manifestations of aesthetic relief of the lives of the pressures of work and study and entertaining families in leisure and vacations and weekly holidays and to take children innocent times In a safe and healthy environment, these advantages will complement the gardens and their spread between the residential neighborhoods and the city's surroundings. This will preserve the purity and cleanliness of the city's atmosphere and rid it of impurities, ensure the living organisms consume oxygen and ensure the healthy environment. Suitable for living organisms, the most important human. Within the framework of the attention of the Holy City Secretariat and its keenness to provide all that is conducive to the welfare and well-being of the country's citizens, citizens, residents, pilgrims and pilgrims, and to contribute to the revivalist movement in Umm Al-Qura and its surrounding suburbs and villages, The side of the causes of evolution and aesthetic manifestations of tens of thousands of meters of green areas and millions of trees, shrubs and vines covering most areas of Mecca and along the streets and public roads circular investment projects to run by The private sector, which formed in addition to what has been implemented and what will be implemented in the future, new additions and tributaries continue to strengthen and support these directives of civilization, health and aesthetic. One of the most prominent of these gardens is Husseiniya Park

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      150000.00 SQM
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