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Park and Zoo in Al Kharj

Al-Kharj Road, Riyadh Road in Al-Afja District, Saudi Arabia

Every Day : 03:00 pm To 12:00 am .

About Park

  • Preview

    The cleanness of the project and the abundance of vegetation cover made its atmosphere pleasant

    Al-Kharj Park and Zoo is located north of Al-Kharj Governorates in the Najdiyah strip on the Riyadh-Al-Kharj highway, which is about 29 kilometers from the Riyadh area to the south. The area of ​​the project 30000 (thirty thousand square meters) contains a lot of pets, predators and birds of all kinds and a hall that includes all kinds of reptiles and entertainment, which brings joy to the life of the family and will be in the near future, God willing, increase in the number of animals such as the elephant Rhinos, dolphins and others, as well as increasing the number of playground equipment for children and adults, as we continue to continue the renovation and development in front of our visitors. The park is a classroom outside the walls of the school, which helps the visitor, especially the students, to the nature and thank you to everyone who visited us and our honor. Project Features: The project includes a zoo, an entertainment center, a tourist resort, closed tents, free family sessions and free children's swimming pools. Al-Kharj Park and Zoo are ongoing festivals and events. Park and zoo in Al-Kharj clean the project and the abundance of vegetation cover, which made its atmosphere pleasant and pleasant. Al-Kharj Park and Zoo The family's sense of security, where all animals have strong iron barriers, as well as all the facilities, where security and safety rules are the first concerns of the project management.

    Important Information

    • Every Day
      03:00 pm To 12:00 am
    • Park Area
      30000.00 SQM
  • Intertainment Elements



    Sitting places




    Kids area

    Small animal park

  • Main Elements

    • Parking and public transport
    • Green areas
    • Open paths for walking
    • Multiple seating areas