King Abdullah Park in Quwayiyah


One of the most important recreational and aesthetic projects

It is a garden with green roofs, water fountains, children's playgrounds, decorative lighting and modern parapet-style parlors that add beauty to the beauty of the green garden. It is located at the entrance to the eastern city Al Quwaiyah and is adjacent to Riyadh Al Taif Road. The park is divided into two sections for singles and a section for families separated by the highway. The singles section has been completed at a total cost of 3 million riyals and is very popular among the people of the province and the travelers, forming a recreation and recreation site in the heart of the desert. The family section has been completed. It also includes green areas, gardens, children's games, decorative lighting, water courses, modern design umbrellas, a buffet, a coffee shop and other services required by the privacy of the families, which is 300 m long and costing 3 million riyals. And thus the coming from the east and through the desert Alnvod surprised when entering Qawaiya of the eastern gate of this garden singing in the heart of the desert, which refuses beauty but to stop them to take a break in the oasis of singing ease them the trouble of the road and the hardship of travel and leave in them a beautiful impression of the province of Quweia.

Intertainment Elements



Sitting places




Kids area

This informations from published sources and pending the approval of the official authorities


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