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King Fahd Park

Al Basatin, Dammam 32235, Saudi Arabia

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    One of the largest leisure projects in the Eastern Province

    The King Fahad Park in Dammam is one of the largest and most attractive recreational projects in the Eastern Region. It is a prominent example of the efforts exerted by the State to find the happiness and comfort of citizens and residents. It is also the largest project in the Kingdom in this field. Design and processing elements or in terms of accuracy of execution. King Fahad Park is located in the middle of Dammam, Khobar and Dhahran on the Dammam-Dhahran highway with a total area of ​​1,200,000 square meters and a semi-triangular land. The design elements of the park project were based on benefiting from the natural conditions surrounding the site in terms of shape and height. The natural structure of the site was used in the service of the elements of the project, which consists of buildings covering an area of ​​9500 square meters and covering the water of ponds and lakes of 28000 square meters. On the eastern side of the park there is a swan lake, which extends 300 meters long and 50 meters wide, with three islands planted with palms, with places to sit and accessible by way of the man to increase the pleasure of the park's pioneers and climb them through wooden anchors. The lake also contains a number of fountains Surrounded by shaded seating areas with concrete canopies of 6,120 m 2 and topped by a pedestrian bridge. The Family Garden also features a two-circle lake connected to a waterway and topped by three bridges surrounded by interlocking tiles. The landscaped area covers a wide area of ​​273,000 square meters and flower basins with mosaic tiles of different colors covering 62,000 square meters. The project includes several types of trees, totaling 9,000 trees, 2,400 palm trees, 2,300 square meters of green shrubs, 2,500 meters of green hedges and Troy. These vast areas with the latest irrigation systems, sprinklers and drip irrigation are programmed according to the needs of the plant for water. In the northeastern corner of the park there is a plant nursery that includes shaded shrubs and nurseries for the growth of plants.

    Important Information

    • Park Area
      1200000.00 SQM
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  • Main Elements

    • Parking and public transport
    • Prayers for men - Prayers for women
    • Green areas
    • Multiple seating areas