Zoo and entertainment in Algeria


One of the parks in the state of Algeria

The amusement park meets the diverse aspirations of the hiking enthusiasts of the beautiful nature, the mountainous terrain and the forests scattered along the length of the barn, to the diversity of animals that are abundant in it. They contain rare species of birds and animals such as African elephants, Australian ostriches, wild bulls, etc., and children share their interest Through the city of mini-amusement parks where they can play and spend time away from the noise of the city, and most importantly, this type of parks plays a key role in environmental education and education of the young generation at a time when the culture of environmental protection decline significantly because of exploitation In addition to what was mentioned, the park did not overlook the lovers of food by the number of restaurants considered spread throughout the garden, but it was offering dishes at a level that increases the ability to meet the whole family around, and the whole Most of the families are from Algiers and some come from other states. The garden is ideal for spending weekends or holidays with the whole family. Most importantly, according to the families, the cost is very reasonable. Comfortable for nerves and relieves himself of that Kha hustle that has been printed diary Algerian citizen.

Every Day :

10:00 am To 05:00 pm

Intertainment Elements



Sitting places





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