Wide green spaces

Components of the park: It consists of three main components: A - Family Park: occupies about 60% of the area and is located at a higher level than the rest of the park and includes: Service area: It has shaded chapel, two restaurants and a rally area and a main fountain. Clock tower, a covered yard, a water table, a waterway, water corridors, walkways, water courses and 150 parking spaces. Recreation area: Includes a football field (half size), shaded grounds and a gift shop for men. Seating areas: Concrete shaded areas with tents and surrounded by green spaces and shrubs. B - Singles Park: occupies 30% of the area and is located at a low level from the rest of the park and has been corrected trends and decorated with aesthetic form of natural stones and the establishment of a vegetable wall between the parks and contains: Services area: a shaded chapel and restaurant and a pool and waterfalls and a watercourse interspersed with water tables Benoit Fair, walkways, water courses and parking lots of 100 cars. Recreational area: Includes two football fields (half size) and shaded areas for different games. Seating areas: Concrete terraces shaded with tents and surrounded by green spaces and shrubs.

Park Area: 102075.00 SQM

Foundation Date: 1/1/1984

Intertainment Elements



Sitting places



Multipurpose sports courts

This informations from published sources and pending the approval of the official authorities


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