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Intertainment Elements
  • Track (358)

  • Sports (358)

  • Sitting places (360)

  • Entertainment (359)

  • Restaurants (359)

  • Trips (360)

  • Education (8)

  • Kids area (1)

Main Elements
  • Parking and public transport (11)

  • Prayers for men - Prayers for women (1)

  • Green areas (36)

  • Multiple seating areas (3)

Al Areej Park

Al Abeer park

Al Falah Park

Al Yahya park

Al Mwada park

Al Rwaby park

AL Nour park

Al Bandaryah Park

Al Mousa park

Cloves Park

elwady park

Al Banafseg Park

Shatha Park

Alaseel Garden

Triangle Park

Raihan Park

alfysalia park

Al - Sawsan Park

Youth Park

Ash-Shimasiyah park 1

Reef Park

AL mabeed park

Young Marine Park

Seder garden

Muhammadiyah Square

Women's Park

Adnan Rayyan Park

Dana park

wady valig park

Prince Saud Bin Naif Park


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