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Intertainment Elements
  • Track (80)

  • Sports (74)

  • Sitting places (74)

  • Entertainment (1)

  • Kids area (1)

  • Multipurpose sports courts (6)

  • Outdoor gym (3)

Main Elements
  • Cleanliness (80)

  • Lights (74)

  • Parking and public transport (4)

  • Green areas (74)

  • Open spaces (2)

  • Multiple seating areas (3)

  • Toilets (3)

Belvoir Park Forest

Orangefield Park

Carr's Glen Linear Park

Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park

Clarawood Millennium Park

Dunville Park

Alexandra Park

Alderman Tommy Patton Memorial Park

Drumglass Park

Belfast City Hall grounds

King William Park

Michelle Baird Memorial Park

Knocknagoney Linear Park

Belfast Castle Estate

Dr Pitt Memorial Park

Colin Glen Forest Park

Cave Hill Country Park

Belmont Park

Grove Playing Fields

Tullycarnet Park

Northlink Playground

Woodvale Park

Glenbank Park

Dover Street Millennium Park

Barnett Demesne

Loughside park

Jubilee Park

Finlay Park

Clement Wilson Park

Lagan Meadows


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