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Intertainment Elements
  • Track (130)

  • Sports (124)

  • Sitting places (128)

  • Entertainment (2)

  • Restaurants (3)

  • Adult area (3)

  • Kids area (7)

  • Multipurpose sports courts (1)

  • Private sports courts (5)

  • Outdoor gym (1)

Main Elements
  • Cleanliness (131)

  • Lights (128)

  • Parking and public transport (5)

  • Green areas (128)

  • Multiple seating areas (6)

  • Stalls (1)

  • Toilets (6)

Fellows' Garden

Chestnut Grove recreation ground

Reilly Way play area

Viridis Park

The Leys Sports Pavilion Car Park

Arbury Court Play Area

Chesterton Field

Nightingale recreation ground

St Albans Road Recreation Ground - Playground

Shenstone play area

Ditton Meadows

Cheeky Monkeys Play Barn

King's Hedges recreation ground

Empty Common

Gunhild Close play area

Ditton Fields recreation ground

JBS Car Park

Histon Road recreation ground

Woodhead Drive play area

Edgecombe Flats play area

Cambourne Nature Reserve

the backs

Nine Wells local nature reserve

New Ark Adventure Playground

Capital Park

Christ's Pieces

Lawrence Way play area

Cornwell Park

Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits


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