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Intertainment Elements
  • Track (130)

  • Sports (124)

  • Sitting places (128)

  • Entertainment (2)

  • Restaurants (3)

  • Adult area (3)

  • Kids area (7)

  • Multipurpose sports courts (1)

  • Private sports courts (5)

  • Outdoor gym (1)

Main Elements
  • Cleanliness (131)

  • Lights (128)

  • Parking and public transport (5)

  • Green areas (128)

  • Multiple seating areas (6)

  • Stalls (1)

  • Toilets (6)

Lammas Land

Castle Hill Car Park

Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits

Bramblefields local nature reserve

Grove Park

Cambourne Nature Reserve

Town Close Park

Coleridge recreation ground

Histon Road recreation ground

Dudley Road Recreation Area

Mill Lane Park

Great Eastern Street Play Area

Cambridge City Council Car Park

Lynton Way Park

Cottenham Park

Discovery Way play area

Hector Pieterson play area

Cameron Road play area

Atkins Close play area

Gayton Farm

Penarth Place play area

Paradise local nature reserve

Sheep's Green

Deal Grove Park

George Nuttall Close play area

Flower Street play area

Arbury Town Park

Sleaford play area

Wysing Arts Centre

Duxford Park


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