News about Hussein Park

News about Hussein Park

News about Hussein Park

Al Hussein Gardens is a public park located in the Jordanian capital Amman on King Abdullah II Street. It is one of the parks dedicated to the general public to spend the fun times through the many facilities that are included in the gardens, including sports, cultural, scientific and recreational, and a lot of activities and national celebrations and festivals are held in these gardens, which in recent years has been a source of entertainment for citizens from all governorates of the Kingdom And has become a large number of visitors. These gardens are subject to security regulation, which provides a suitable environment for families to stroll in. Its facilities include: King Hussein Mosque It is the largest mosque in Jordan. Built during the reign of King Abdullah II in Amman, Dabouq region. The mosque is located at 1013 meters above sea level and can be reached by entering the King Hussein Gardens on King Abdullah II Street near the Medical City of Hussein and then driving the roads in the garden until it reaches a modern mosque built in late 2005 located in a special place Overlooking the Oman and its suburbs and the mountains of Wadi Sir, where the mosque is seen from most areas of Amman, and features square shape and its four minarets and marble floor, which contains a number of the Prophet's noble effects of the Prophet peace be upon him.

 Royal Automobile Museum

The Royal Automobile Museum dates from the political history of Jordan. The exhibits also reflect the history of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan through cars from the history of King Abdullah I to the reign of King Abdullah II. More recently, there have been many cars and bikes that are not related to Jordan's kings, such as a 19th-century bicycle, a Bugatti car and many rare cars that attract visitors from different regions.

Children museum Is a children's museum and the museum building is located on an area of ​​20,000 square meters from the land of Hussein Gardens. Opened in 2007, the museum's gardens feature outdoor exhibits and theater, while the museum building contains 7,000 square meters of indoor exhibits. Founded the Children's Museum to provide children and families with a variety of learning experiences through discovery, play, exploration and entertainment.

The museum has more than 150 interactive displays and a variety of programs throughout the year to become a place for stimulation, adventure and learning, and allows children to experience, innovate and interact with the environment comfortably and contribute to the development of children's mental abilities through the activities of the museum.

Cafes and restaurants Where the area is equipped with gardens to be dedicated to restaurants and cafes in the middle of the family sessions of the beautiful trees and flowers and provide all the services through that section.

Football and basketball courts A large area of ​​parks has been allocated as a sports area with lots of playgrounds that have contributed to the development of sports skills among young people through the practice of various sports in organized playgrounds and also aims to strengthen relations between youth groups through sport.

The grand and small runway Where the stadiums were allocated for the establishment of festivals and cultural events for visitors.

There are a lot of grass areas and sessions dedicated to the establishment of exhibitions and activities and thus we have known you on the gardens of the Hussein and its facilities that must be visited

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