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Intertainment Elements
  • Track (358)

  • Sports (358)

  • Sitting places (360)

  • Entertainment (359)

  • Restaurants (359)

  • Trips (360)

  • Education (8)

  • Kids area (1)

Main Elements
  • Parking and public transport (11)

  • Prayers for men - Prayers for women (1)

  • Green areas (36)

  • Multiple seating areas (3)

Sea Garden 2

Al Rabwa park

Al-Farouq Park

South Khalidiya Park

Sulaymaniyah garden

Alaseel Garden

Al Aqiq park

Al Majidiyah park

Sea garden 1

Al Ful Park

Sawsan Park

Mran park

Al-Redha Park

Al Manar Square Park

Nuzhah Park

Al Gawali park

Al Khamisah park

Zuhoor Park

Jasmine Park

Dome park

Al Argwan park

AL morgan park

Lulu Park

Al-Farouq Park

Hay Ahad park

Al Redha Park 2

Alandalus Park

Jamiyin Park

Al Yaqut park

AL Mohamdia park


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